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A list of some of my favorite advising tech resources. Enjoy!

  1. NACADA Technology in Advising Commission
    1. The National Academic Advising Association commission on Technology in Advising. Here you can find articles discussing the latest in how advisors are using technology in their centers.
  2. Inside Higher Ed Tech
    1. Inside Higher Ed is a great resource for staying up to date with information in the realm of higher education. This link will take you to their technology resource which offers a wealth of information.
  3. @PaulGordonBrown
    1. Paul Gordon Brown is a dynamic student affairs professional who specializes in social media, technology, and college students. A great place to go for inspiration.
  4. Canva

    1. Canva is one of my favorite resources for creating professional-quality documents in half the time. Accounts are free and so are most of its features. You can choose to pay for some items at a nominal price, but I’ve always had great success with the free features.
  5. TypeForm
    1. Typeform is a really cool way to poll an audience and generate interest list. They provide you with a multitude of templates to choose from. From there it’s just plug and play!
  6. PlayPosit
    1. PlayPosit is a great resource to use for creating interactive learning modules. Take the information that’s important for your students to learn, adapt it to video, and integrate learning assessments. In your advising practice, you can use it to review policy, introduce important scheduling concepts or to collect data.
  7. Getting Smart
    1. This site boasts a gold mine of #EdTech resources and they’re all great for the academic advisor. Check out this site to find a categorized list of all the great sites that you can use in your advising practice.
  8. Skype for Business
    1. Skype for Business is a great resource that students at my university all have access to. It video conferencing capabilities, make it so digital advising doesn’t have to seem like a far off goal.
  9. Piktochart
    1. Let’s face it. Sometimes our students can have short attention spans. So when you present information, it’s important to ensure it’s not text heavy and gets to the point. Picktochart is great because it allows you to create infographics that can visually show students the information you need them to know. Lots of templates to get started and very easy to use.
  10.  Lynda
    1. For when you’re stuck and don’t know what to do or don’t feel like sifting through endless youtube videos, has got you covered. Lynda offers a wide variety of training videos that walks you through things like photography, design, web, animation, and other cool things. Many of the lessons have training files you can download to follow along and really feel like an expert at the end of it all.

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