A Registration Video Idea

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Part of my job entails getting students into our office for an advising appointment, assisting them with the registration process, and ensuring they’re on the right track. This video was an idea I got from a commercial I saw not too long ago. It was either a car commercial or an attorney commercial, or a […]

Advising Technology Resources

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A list of some of my favorite advising tech resources. Enjoy! NACADA Technology in Advising Commission The National Academic Advising Association commission on Technology in Advising. Here you can find articles discussing the latest in how advisors are using technology in their centers. Inside Higher Ed Tech Inside Higher Ed is a great resource for staying […]

Interview Abroad

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After an evening of nostalgia and cleaning up my computer documents (yikes). I came across an interview I had the opportunity of doing while teaching abroad in Zaragoza, Spain. The opportunity was fantastic and it reminded me of how much I love and enjoy languages and cultures of those that are not my own. If […]

Did You Get My Message?

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As advisors, we often have a lot of really important information that we would like to pass on to our students. However, the issue isn’t with passing the information along, rather in getting our student to read what’s been sent. All too often our go-to method as advisors is to disseminate information via email, even […]

Tips for a Great Qualitative Interview

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Qualitative interviews are a great way to gain specific information about areas of research that may be difficult to understand with only quantitative data. However, the process of qualitative interviewing can sometimes be a bit daunting. After going through the process of getting through the “gate keepers” in order to access your target population and […]