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Academic Advising

I currently work as Student Development Specialist for PACE Advising Services at Texas State University. My main role is supporting my students through academic advising appointments throughout their first year at Texas State.

Advising Philosophy

Academic Advising is a multifaceted process in which you and the student engage in a collaborative journey. The overarching objective is to help them achieve their academic career goals and guide them to make educated informed decisions. However, the student journey is also impacted by social and personal matters. In these instances, the advisor works as a resource to help the student find a balance that leads to the student’s overall success.

Work I Enjoy

Strategic Planning

Meeting standards of excellence comes at the price of hard work, focus, and planning. Through research and analysis, I draft and execute plans which help achieving goals an accomplishable outcome.

Technology Integration

Integrating new and innovative technology allow for process improvements and improved user experiences. I make sure to keep an eye on new and upcoming technology to elevate projects to the next level.

Training & Development

Learning happens in various ways. When training individuals I strive to develop material that is interactive, engaging, and informative, while checking for progress and providing feedback along the way.